The Landscape Service Urban Greening Factor design package in Croydon and London


We are currently working on a range of projects throughout Croydon, London. In recent years, Croydon Council has implemented the Urban Greening Factor (UGF), which has been adopted from The London Plan.

Similar to Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), The Urban Greening Factor is used to calculate the quality and quantity of existing and proposed landscaping on new developments to improve urban greening. It enables developments to demonstrate how they have included urban greening as a fundamental element of design at the planning stage.

UGF covers a wide range of options, including, but not limited to, proposed new native street trees, green roofs, green walls, and rain gardens. It can be used to help meet other policy requirements and provide a range of benefits, including amenity space, enhanced biodiversity within the area, addressing the urban heat island effect, sustainable drainage, and the ongoing management and maintenance.

The London Plan 2021 – The inclusion of UGF measures in new developments will result in an increase in green cover and should be integral to planning the layout and design of new buildings and developments. This should be considered from the beginning of the design process.