Luxury garden design in poole


With beautiful views overlooking a picturesque golf course, this luxury garden design in Poole, has been intricately designed over numerous levels whilst being surrounded by trees with TPO’s.

As you enter the property, you are greeted by a large radial paved driveway, with a central water bowl enclosed with a low evergreen hedge and planting. Surrounding the driveway, there are six box head trees planting within a pristine lawn.

Entering at the very top level of the garden, there is a lounging and dining area which link with the interior architecture of the proposed property. Connecting to this space, there is a formal lawn surrounded with planting and a clipped evergreen hedge. This space also features textured topiary on the corners of the lawn and has two large sun lounging seats.

The next level in the garden design in Poole, is where you step down into the built in BBQ with formal outdoor dining features within the garden. This space also has four formal planting pockets within the paving.

Large, lavish centralised feature steps have been designed to cope with the drastic changes in levels and help the client transition into different areas of the garden. The formal steps have a rilled water feature that travels down the steps to the lower level of the garden. A third of the way down the steps, it will guide you to another formal lawn with feature tree planting and textured topiary.

Halfway down the steps, a small courtyard with a centralised water bowl has been designed to help break up the areas between the steps.

The lower garden of this luxury garden design in Poole has been created in way that the swimming pool and pool house perfectly frame the views out of the garden. Connected to the swimming pool area, there is a small courtyard garden, as well as sun lounging spaces. This space is also linked to a hidden football pitch.

In the surrounding landscape there is a deck boardwalk through woodland planting. This path leads onto a hidden deck terrace to view the wider landscape.