Project: Marlays, Dorchester

Services: Garden Design, Planting Design, Detailed Design, Project Management

Project Status: Planning

Located in Dorchester, Marlays has stunning views of the surrounding rural landscapes which feature rolling hills, native trees, and horses on adjacent lands.

The gardens design makes use of the vast expanse of land and enhances existing vistas looking outward and also creates desire lines to specific areas of the site. A perimeter strip of lawn has been introduced to allow the lawn to be mown and accessed from the outside. Native hedges divide the site into different areas and create distinctive spaces for growing, play and outdoor living.

A garden office is to be located on the far left hand side of the site which is nestled inside a contemporary orchard featuring wild grasses and fruit trees in a grid pattern. This creates desire lines linking to other areas of the garden. Raised sleeper beds at sitting height have been introduced to this space which is aimed at growing fruit and vegetables with annual rotation. Tucked away within this space is an area for the client to use the existing fire pit whilst being surrounded by wild grasses looking outwards onto the neighbouring fields through designed holes in the hedges.

The main patio creates a seamless transition from house to garden. Contemporary porcelain has been specified as the patio surface allowing the client to walk on the patio bare foot if required. Due to the aspect and existing topography of the site, the main terrace could periodically be buffeted by high winds. A bespoke pergola with louvres and side panels has been designed in a specific way to cope with these conditions and allow the space to be used. A large span of formal lawn surrounded by atmospheric planting creates long views looking outwards onto the rolling hills in the distance.

The right hand side of the site is to be used for play, with a large football pitch and space for the clients existing trampoline to be situated. Areas of wild grass and planting conceal this space from the main lawn.