Project: Areley House, New Forest

Services: Garden Design, Planting Design, Detailed Design, Project Management

Project Status: Build

Surrounded by farmland and fields, this large countryside garden design in the new forest provides our clients with a brilliant way to enjoy their outside space and being able to entertain their family and friends.

We have created multiple, stunning individual spaces throughout the garden on different levels but designing them in a way that they are interlocking with one another which will increase the flow between the different spaces. A lovely gravel seating area under four feature trees is accompanied with a reflecting pool. This space is adjoined with a sunken firepit that backs onto the existing woodland.

Stepping down to the outdoor cooking and dining space, the clay paver material ensures that you feel that you have arrived in a new destination within the garden. The use of this material aids in combining a traditional and contemporary style of the garden design. The whole space is covered by a vast timber pergola which has evergreen, flowering climbers growing up and over it. The hot tub space, adjacent to this space which is linked via stepping stones is disguised with an evergreen hedge, shrubs and grass planting.

From these spaces in this countryside garden design in the new forest you will continue your journey through the garden by stepping down with the existing sites topography into the pool and sun lounging space which sites perfectly within the existing landscape. Surrounded with four feature pots and planted with evergreen topiary helps enclose the area.

The countryside garden design in the new forest will then take you back up to the games lawn which hosts feature evergreen topiary at various sizes to create interest and texture. From the lawn you are able to access the driveway, front entrance as well as a stunning native wildflower meadow.