Landscape Planning Croydon

Completing landscape designs in Croydon for planning can be a tricky piece of business. Collaborating with many different consultants as well as ticking all of the boxes to get the scheme through planning can sometimes be challenging but extremely rewarding. What makes Croydon landscape designs unique is within their policy guidelines you have to design adequate play spaces for the residence as well as completing an Urban Greening Factor. This highlights and ranks the different environmental factors throughout the site and works out if the scheme is going to be sustainable enough for the new Croydon Local Plan.

At The Landscape Service, sustainability is considered in every aspect of our business so this policy from Croydon is very much welcome. We are currently working on multiple sites throughout Croydon.

We focus our designs around the environment as well as creating a welcoming environment for residents through a natural open play space and sympathetic planting. Another important feature that we ensure to include in all of our schemes, whether in Croydon or elsewhere native trees and plants as native that are vital for our environment.