Curtis Fields Weymouth

100 new homes and communal landscape recently approved in Weymouth.

The landscape has been designed to respect, enhance, and promote the local character, being sympathetic to the surrounding environment. This has been achieved by creating green streets, wildlife rich areas and the ability to blend naturally into the future development phases and the wider landscape. Visually the landscape will complement the architecture, with the large green spaces and thoughtful planting setting a much‐deserved standard of quality.

The landscape strategy is focused on using sustainable design solutions to promote and enhance the local environment, creating a sustainable development that can be easily followed in future phases.

The site provides new and existing ecological benefits which will be promoted using information boards throughout this site and future phases. These will provide an educational journey, allowing the community and neighbouring school to explore the surroundings and learn about sustainable design and the ecological benefits the site provides. This will give residents a sense of ownership of their community and encourage sustainable solutions to be used in their homes and private garden spaces.

The landscape design has been developed in collaboration with Western Design Architects and Abbas Ecology.