garden design tips to save you money


As we are well into the autumnal months and are on our way to winter not many of us are thinking about our gardens but now is the best time to start planning your garden so that it can be enjoyed once the spring and summer month roll around again.

In this blog we are going to offer our personal garden design tips to save you money! 


1. Engage With A Garden Designer!

I know that this maybe pointing out the obvious and a ploy to get more work but trust me it is not. By working with an experienced garden designer will help you save a heap of money in the long run.

Garden designers will posses the knowledge and skillset to be able to save time and money, especially when it comes to the construction and planting phases of the project.


2. Avoid Garden Centres

I’m not about to go on record and say that you should permanently avoid Garden centres as they are great for so many other things such as purchasing growing media and seeds, even to walk around, especially at Christmas time and during the summer months when their outdoor plants are in full flower. However, what is not great is their prices! Garden centres are notoriously expensive when it comes to plants and pot sizes.

This is where the engaging with a garden designer comes into play. This is a great way to save money! We are able to use a trade nurseries as well as providing a better quality of product which follows one of our detail planting plans.


3. Be Patient

This maybe easier said than done especially when you move into your new house or you have ideas in your head and want to get started immediately. Trust me I am one of those people! However, the best thing you can do is be patient and wait.

This works for whether you have a new garden or an existing garden and the key is to wait and see how the sun hits the garden at different times in the day. This will have a say on where you have your seating areas, types of plants, paths and where you will have your morning coffee etc. If your garden is in the sun for 6 or more hours this means that your garden is classed as full sun, with partial sun being between 4 and 5 hours and partial shade between 2 and 3 hours of sunlight. If your garden only receives less than 1 hour of sunlight then your garden is full shade.


4. Research Your Products

This is important when it comes to saving money and making sure that you have the right paving or hard landscaping material for the purpose that you want to use that area for.

Different paving choices will vary in price and in some cases rather dramatically. Limestone and your natural stones can cost more than porcelain and even the prices of porcelain can vary! It all depends on what feel and vibe you are looking to achieve as well as the different maintenance levels of paving.

It is always best to investigate what you prefer and set a price range for the paving and work within those perimeters.


5. Right Plant Right Place

This is a top garden design tip to save you money and links back some of the previous points that have been made in this blog. It is so important to get expert advice, be patient and see what type of garden you have. The planting is what makes a garden a garden and bring the whole space to life and together and with them being living things it is vital that they are happy in their new locations.

Different varieties of plants prefer different growing conditions. Some love shade and hate the sun and some love the sun and hate the shade. Mixing up their preferred growing locations can have a catastrophic effect on the life expectancy and will have an impact on how your garden is going to look.

By getting advice from a garden designer, they will have the horticultural knowledge to select plants that will not only thrive in your garden but will help and value to the space.