With the rootball season starting, it’s the perfect time to start planning and planting new hedging and trees. Below we have listed our top 3 favourite plants that you can plant during this rootball season as well as 2 reasons why you should also wait until the season has started to plant your hedgerows and even trees.

1. Taxus baccata

The English Yew or Common Yew as it also known is a bushy evergreen hedge that has narrow, very dark green leaves that have a leathery effect to them. This plant, like the others is low maintenance and will need pruning or cutting back in the early spring. During the autumn the hedge will produce distinctive fruits showing off a sea of red dots throughout.

2. Prunus lusitanica

One of our favourite’s, the evergreen Portuguese Laurel is a large growing hedge that is a very dark green in colour but flowers in a fragrant strong white in the summer and producing fruit throughout the autumn.

3. Carpinus betulus

A lovely native deciduous plant that possesses a deep green foliage during the spring and summer but turning into a crisp golden/copper leaves that will hold onto the bare branches through the autumn and winter.

4. Cost Saving

During the winter season unusually October – March you can purchase trees and hedging in root ball format. Due to them not being grown in containers, but in the ground meaning it is less labour intensive to grow and store, so are a lot cheaper to purchase than the summer months.

5. Failures

Not only will it save money, but the plants at this time of year are in dormancy and aren’t at risk of high temperatures during the establishment period giving a stronger chance of survival. Also, little to no watering is required.