Project: BBC Gardeners World Spring Fair 2023

Services: Garden Design, Build, Planting Installation, Show Garden

Project Status: Complete

In 2023 we exhibited our first show garden ‘Nordic Retreat’ at the BBC Gardeners World Spring Fair in Beaulieu, Hampshire and designed by director Luke Mills.

Winning ‘Platinum’ as well as being awarded ‘Best Show Garden’, the garden explores the connection between the Nordic way of living as well as how it connects with the outdoor space and how a space within an urban environment can help you relax, unwind, and rejuvenate.

The designs core has been created through simple interlocking geometric shapes that help create a smooth transition from one space to another. The use of a simple and natural materials palette to form the hardscape. The bespoke buff Lymington Beige paving slabs from Forest Stone form the link between the yoga deck and the seating area. Supplied by Forest Stone, the path is a brilliant transitional space through the planting.

The yoga deck, constructed from natural, local timber whilst being engulfed in planting, is an idyllic space to relax with the urban environment and partake in some yoga.

Entering the gravel seating area, with feature giant pebble seats which were kindly supplied by Torc Pots, a sunken reflecting pool and feature tree planted within the gravel is an amazing, therapeutic space to relax in whilst make conversation with a friend. With the planting spilling over the edges and into the space, the crisp reflection from the water feature (supplied by Lux Unique) adds another dimension to the space.

Facing South-East, the garden will capture the sun throughout the day with key planting features providing dappled shade. The planting selection will provide a calming balance of structure, neutral colours and movement.

Many thanks to the contractors and sponsors who helped bring this garden together.

Wycliffe Landscapes – Contractor

Forest Stone – Paving

Folium and Flos – Plants

Lux Unique – Water Feature

Torc Pots – Pebble Seats

Kebur – Gravel