Project: 2a Brudenell Avenue, Sandbanks, Dorset

Services: Garden Design

Project Status: Design

Inspired by our client’s Japanese heritage, this coastal, ocean facing site garden design in Sandbanks has been designed to create a modern Zen garden.

Designed over two levels, utilising the existing topography, the upper garden features a swim spa, positioned to face out to sea, with entertainment areas either side which include a BBQ, dining and lounging areas. Feature planting beds designed close to the existing property help bring the garden closure to the indoors. The planting beds will include ground cover planting and feature cloud pruned trees which will replicate down the rest of the garden.

Transitioning to the lower garden, our clients will walk over centralised stepping stones which have the affect that they are floating above the water. The stunning water feature also consists of two focal point planting beds with large cloud pruned trees to match those closure to the house.

In the lower garden, the space has been split into three zones. All connected via a sett paved path and surrounded with an evergreen clipped hedge. The three zones are a raked gravel zen garden with feature trees, textured topiary and natural rocks. A large, centralised planting bed, that has feature trees, textured topiary and ornamental grasses. The final space in the lower garden is a relaxing space which consists of a firepit seating area which has four textured topiary domes on each corner.

The entire garden is enclosed with a new and existing hedge which will help screen the property and the garden from the adjacent footpath and roads without disrupting the views out to sea. The area also includes ground level planting, with more textured topiary and cloud pruned trees.

This garden design in Sandbanks is to be constructed by Wycliffe Landscapes.