Planting plan using vectorkworks for a project in Berkshire


Planting plans using Vectorworks for this project in Berkshire.

Vectorworks is a great way to produce planting plans for all our projects. Using our own custom planting templates we have developed over the years allows us to quickly explore and develop planting plans.

Here, we have colour coded our planting symbols to provide a clearer understanding of planting locations. This allows us to immediately review the spacings, species, and quantity during the planting design.

The plants are then quantified and listed at the click of a button, producing a full planting schedule for the purposes of tender. This provides information such as plant names, type, pot size, and quantity.

Not only does this provide a clearer understanding in comparison to hand drawn plans and the ability to read when setting out. Using this system also allows us to carry out quick revisions as required, either during the planning process or to meet deadlines, change plant species due to availability, or plant size to work with budget.