From initial planning drawings to planting installation we worked directly with out client, Amirez Developments on this landscape design in Poole, to design and plant a number of new luxury dwellings within this site in Dorset.

Throughout the process, of this completed landscape design in Poole, our detailed landscape plans assisted in clearing the planning conditions set by the local council with whom we have formed an excellent working relationship with over the years. This enabled the development to proceed to construction. Our plans included site specific details on hard landscaping materials and planting that worked with the proposed architecture and sympathetic to the surrounding area of Poole.

The planting specified on this project, is that of a low maintenance variety as well as increasing biodiversity not only within the development but the surrounding area. This has been achieved by evergreen hedging which allows for nesting and foraging wildlife. The carefully selected ornamental planting palette includes a combination of plants that are native throughout the continent and Africa that will thrive in the conditions that Poole has to offer as well as the introduction of the native plants that you see throughout our landscapes. By bringing the two together it will help enhance the existing wildlife whilst attracting more into the area.

The soft landscaping throughout this development was completed via The Landscape Service’s planting installation service.