The importance of site analysis plays such a pivotal role in the outcome when beginning the design process. A site analysis, overlaying a topographical survey is a drawing that focuses the mind on the existing features and conditions on and around the garden or site. When designing a garden, it is not just about coming up with a creative garden and plonking it onto the site, it is how to designed garden is sympathetic to the existing property and site.

I believe that by taking your time right at the start of designing your clients garden with a site analysis and even into the concept stage with improve the finished design as you will fully understand the existing sites features as well as where the sun and shady parts of the garden are and what aspect the garden is facing. This will show in your final design and the garden will flow and function beautifully.

This stage in the process also helps the designer understand any issues that the site may have. Whether it is poor views out of the site, is there a screening issue? Is there a sun level issue? Does the garden suffer from flooding and why does it? Is access going to be an issue? By understanding and getting your head around the sites issues then the design will help rectify these and will help the client enjoy their outside space.

This is going to be obvious, but being able to visit the site number of times before you start designing is extremely valuable. I have designed gardens in the past by going off photos and what ever info the client has sent over. This is an unnecessary hurdle for the designer. By going to site at an initial enquiry and then again once you have been instructed, you start to get a real feel for the site that you are going to be designing and for me, even from first meeting the clients, I start thinking about little ideas in my head. Although these will, 9 times out of 10 will change and develop through the site analysis and concept drawings.

Another reason that the importance of site analysis is pivotal and that it is as detailed as possible is I always include this drawing in my presentation to the client. This can help the client understand your design theory and you have designed in certain features in certain locations in the garden design.